Underground Pulleys


Cat® engineered pulleys are available with both Turbo-Disc and T-Bottom designs based on conveyor requirements. These high-performance, precision pulleys are a cost-effective option to the ANSI/MPTA-type pulley, which has been the only choice for years. These Pulleys have proven their legendary strength and reliability under some of the most severe conditions imaginable. They perform reliably, driving conveyors with installed power in excess of 3,750kW (5,000 hp)


Both pulley types feature:

  • Profiled end discs machined from solid steel plate, eliminating all welds in areas of high stress concentration
  • A keyless locking device eliminating the unfavorable hub-to-disc weld and pre-stressing of the end disc during assembly
  • Proprietary welding techniques ensuring complete penetration
  • Machined rim
  • Static balancing

NOTE: Models subject to regional availability. Please check with your local dealer for more information.