Customer FAQs

Customer FAQ's

  1. Who is CB Mining Inc.?
    CB Mining Inc. (‘CB Mining’) is a new, independent Caterpillar dealership providing a dedicated focus on sales and support for Caterpillar, Inc.’s (‘Caterpillar’) underground mining products, highwall mining systems, dragline systems and conveyor systems in Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Western Maryland.
  2. How will Caterpillar and CB Mining work together?
    The dealer network is a vital part of the extended Caterpillar team. As a result, they share values, processes and overall commitment to meeting customer expectations. Caterpillar and CB Mining will work together to ensure on-time delivery of products, superior product support and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  3. What range of products will CB Mining be responsible for?
    The expanded range of product lines, as a result of Caterpillar’s acquisition of Bucyrus, include: Room & Pillar equipment, Longwall equipment, Electric Rope Shovels, Draglines, Highwall Miners and Belt Systems. For more detailed information on these products, please visit
  4. What are CB Mining’s expectations regarding safety?
    Safety is CB Mining’s number one priority and is at the core of our corporate values.
  5. Will Cat Financial be involved in customer financing for the full range of expanded Cat Mining products?
    Yes, Cat Financial, a wholly owned captive finance company of Caterpillar, is available to support the financing of this product line. Cat Financial currently finances Caterpillar equipment in the mining industry and will finance expanded Cat Mining products as part of their ongoing focus in this segment.
  6. Will we need to complete a new Credit Application for CB Mining?
    Yes, a new Credit Application will need to be completed for CB Mining as this is a new Company with different ownership than CAT Global Mining. However, we are planning to leverage relationships with existing customers to ensure the process remains as efficient as possible.
  7. Will my credit limits change after the transition period?
    We are establishing initial customer credit lines with the Cat Commercial Account. Credit limits and terms will be based on your purchase history with CGM.
    For more information contact:
    Dave Matalik
    Phone: (866) 226-4688
  8. Will our purchasing department need to load CB Mining as a vendor so that orders can be raised for parts, service, and sales?
    Yes, CB Mining will need to be established as a new vendor to facilitate orders.
  9. Who do I contact if I need a certificate of insurance from CB Mining?
    For more information contact:
    Dave Matalik
    Phone: (866) 226-4688
  10. Will I need to provide a new Tax Exemption Form to CB Mining?
    Yes. Please mail your tax exemption form to:
    CB Mining Inc.
    PO BOX 5
    Murrysville, PA 15668
  11. Who do I contact for afterhours parts and service?
    Your contacts for afterhours parts and service will remain the same on September 3rd.
  12. How will service purchase orders and service invoices be handled?
    For currently open service purchase orders to Caterpillar, Caterpillar and CB Mining will communicate directly with you to provide further details. In order to facilitate the transfer of work in process to CB Mining, customers may need to re-issue a purchase order to CB Mining. All service purchase orders issued after September 3, 2013 should be directed to CB Mining.
  13. Who do I contact to order Service Exchange components?
    For Underground service exchange orders please contact the Call Center in Pearisburg, VA (866) 825-4606 For all other products call CB Mining, (866) 226-4688
  14. Who do I contact for my parts orders?
    For Underground parts orders contact the Call Center in Pearisburg, VA (866) 825-4606 For all other products call CB Mining, (866) 226-4688
  15. Will my parts delivery schedule change? Can I call after hours?
    The delivery schedule will not change. For afterhours underground parts orders call the Pearisburg Call Center (866) 825-4606. For all other afterhours products call CB Mining. (866) 226-4688
  16. Where can I pick up my parts?
    All parts pick up schedules should be coordinated with CB Mining.
  17. Who should I contact for surface support equipment product sales?
    Please continue to contact Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc. at (888) 232-5948 for your traditional surface support equipment and standby power generation for all sales, parts and service needs.
  18. What is the remittance address for CB Mining?
    The remittance address for CB Mining is:
    CB Mining Inc.
    PO Box 5
    Murrysville, PA 15668