Highwall Miners

Highwall Miner

Highwall mining is an efficient, proven and durable method for mining coal from exposed horizontal seams — producing an average of 110 000 tonnes (120,000 tons) of coal per month in coal seams up to 300 m (1,000 ft) in seams dipping up to 8 degrees — recovering up to 70 percent of in-place coal. The entire mining cycle is completed by a three- to four-man crew, with no personnel going underground at any time.

The agile, self-propelled Cat® HW300 Highwall Miner operates on benches as narrow as 18 m (59 ft). It trams easily from entry to entry and discharges coal in tight spaces. It can be taken apart in modules for quick location and is designed for rapid disassembly and reassembly.

NOTE: Models subject to regional availability. Please check with your local dealer for more information.

Cat® takes highwall mining to the next level. The HW300 — available only at Cleveland Brothers — is a mine machine for the 21st century. Built to deliver the most value for your budget, the HW300 combines rugged performance in a variety of mining environments with improved efficiencies that will lower your cost per ton.

Built for Today’s Mining Operators

For open cast, contour and trench mining, the HW300 lets you operate safely and affordably. A remote-operated cutter and push beam delivery system transports coal back to a stockpile without any personnel going underground. When using the HW300, a complete extraction operation can be completed by a three or four person crew working completely on the surface.

  • Cost-effective extraction: The HW300 is a self-contained unit requiring less crew members than traditional mining methods. This greatly reduces your operating costs and liabilities without impacting productivity.
  • Operator comfort: A comfortable, ergonomic workstation leads to more efficient staff and fewer losses due to operator error. The HW300 is equipped with a pressurized climate controlled cab featuring excellent visibility and user-friendly touchscreen controls.
  • Maneuverability: Despite its power, the HW300 is surprisingly agile and easy to operate, even in contour benches as narrow as 59 ft. Self-propelled on a set of four heavy duty hydraulic tracks, the HW300 has 360° rotation capacity for operation in congested areas. Two operating modes are available to conserve energy — use mine mode to move along highwalls with ease and switch to tram mode when travelling from pit to pit.
  • Easy relocation:The HW300 mine machine is built with modular components that can be disassembled and rebuilt for easy relocation. Module components are sized for highway transport.

Optional Equipment

At Cleveland Brothers, we know no two mining operations are the same. At any given site you could be faced with any number of environmental, geological or personnel challenges that necessitate unique solutions. That’s why we stock a complete selection of optional equipment for the HW300. Customize your machine with a gamma detection system, right angle conveyor, push beam grapple or generator set. For specific help with equipment selection or feasibility determination, contact the Cleveland Brothers team for direct assistance.