Rock Flow Systems

Rock Flow System

Caterpillar has developed a new technology that radically changes the way in which ore is moved in block caving mines from draw point to crusher. Rock Flow is achieved through continuous caving, removal from the drawpoint and conveying. The Cat® Rock Flow system comprises of several components, all centrally controlled from a remote location: the Rock Feeder RF300 to remove ore from the drawpoint, the Rock Mover RM900 (a newly developed chain conveyor) to feed ore into a crusher and an automation unit to control and smooth the production process.

Rock Feeder RF300


Extraction Rate 300 tonnes per hour / 331 tons per hour
Hydraulic Pressure: 4,021 kN / 903,956 lbf
Weight: 22.0 tonnes / 24.3 tons



Rock Mover RM900


Performance: 900 tonnes per hour / 992 tons per hour
Chain Speed: 0.15 m/s / 29.5 fpm
Drive Power: 2 x 75 KW / 2 x 102 hp