Main and Tail Drives

Main and Tail Drives

The drive frames of our high-performance systems are an important element of the conveyor. At either end of the conveyor, they provide the mount for the chain sprockets, which transmit the drive power of 2 x 1 200 kW (1,950 hp) at the main drives and 1 x 1 200 kW (1,950 hp) at the tail drive.

Both drive frames are designed so that regardless of the direction of mining, they can be used in left- or right-hand longwall faces.

Main drive

  • Transfer at main drive via cross-frame, side removal, front removal or rollcurve
  • Cross frame with two drives, each up to 1 200 kW / 1,950 hp)
  • Dimensioned for a conveyor capacity of up to 7 000 tonnes per hour / 7,716 tons per hour

Tail drives

  • Installed power up to 1 200 kW / 1,950 hp
  • Tensionable drive with up to 1.0 m / 3.3 ft stroke to prevent slack chain and high wear
  • Automatic setting of optimum chain tension during operation
  • Maximum chain life and minimum conveyor downtime for double cut

NOTE: Models subject to regional availability. Please check with your local dealer for more information.