Command for Hauling

Command for Hauling

Command for hauling takes advantage of the most sophisticated technologies available to enable Cat® autonomous haul trucks to work safely and productively on busy mine sites.

More than just an operator-free equipment system, Command for hauling is a complete, next-generation haulage solution that delivers solid, bottom-line benefits for miners who need to work in difficult or inaccessible locations. Highly advanced safety systems enable Cat autonomous haul trucks to operate reliably around other mining equipment, light vehicles and site employees.

Safe. Efficient. Productive.

Caterpillar engineers have taken autonomous technologies to new levels to make autonomous hauling safe and productive. Cat autonomous haul trucks can negotiate complex haul roads, maneuver through mine site traffic and navigate efficiently to and between loading points and dump sites.

Command for hauling integrates with all other Cat MineStar System capability sets for assignment, control and machine health monitoring.

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