Productivity Systems

Productivity Systems

Productivity Systems

Caterpillar productivity systems gather and process a wide range of valuable information about your mining operations and help you make truly informed decisions that can have a dramatic effect on your total mine site productivity.

Cat® equipment systems share data and information with Cat MineStar System and its capability sets - Fleet, Terrain, Detect, Health and Command. These technology systems allow you to focus on a specific machine or group of machines, as needed, to identify and address operational problems and opportunities. Then they enable you to look at how those individual systems function as part of your entire operation, and how they affect the productivity and efficiencies of your fleet as a whole.

Hauling Systems

Cat hauling systems aid managers and operators in maximizing the performance, efficiency and safety of haul truck operations. These technologies deliver vital information about equipment performance, operator practices and haul road conditions.

- Fleet
- Health
- Detect

Loading Systems

Cat loading systems help loading equipment operators put the proper loads on haulage equipment every time, and move materials more safely and efficiently. It also enables mine managers to better control material mixes and improve ore recovery, while decreasing survey costs and increasing profitability.

- Terrain for Loading
- Terrain for Draglines
- Fleet

Dozing Systems

Cat dozing systems provide dozer operators with vital information about site conditions, material moved and work to be done. Plus, they provide instant feedback to office management systems.

- Terrain for Grading
- Command

Drilling Systems

Terrain for drilling improves the speed, accuracy and safety of all surface mine drilling operations, while seamlessly interfacing with other Cat mine management technologies. An in-cab display puts the drilling plan in front of the operator. Feedback from drills keeps managers up to date on drilling progress and below-ground site conditions.

- Terrain for Drilling

Underground Systems

Command for underground automates loading and tramming functions, keeping operators safely away from the face and improving operator efficiency. Command for underground and Health data help managers make informed decision that improve equipment availability and productivity.

- Health
- Command for Underground

Support Machine Systems

Motor graders, water trucks and other support equipment can be integrated into some Cat mining technologies, if needed. Contact your Cat Dealer for more information, plus complete service and support.