Command for Dozing

Command for Dozing

Mining can be hazardous work. Command for dozing removes the operator from the cab of the machine and enables remote control from a line-of-site location. The system is ideal for numerous applications that could jeopardize the safety of your people and equipment, such as stockpile feeding, leach pad maintenance, high wall toe operation, handling hazardous material, and working on unstable surfaces.


Caterpillar offers a line-of-sight control system that keeps the operator in the field but off the machine. Operators use an over-the-shoulder console that allows them to work within 25 to 100 yards of the equipment—far enough away to be safe but near enough to monitor the equipment with their own eyes and ears.

The Operator Console is a light-weight, ergonomic control module that resembles many of the in-cab machine controls. This similarity reduces training and time to reorient oneself to the controls when switching between the console and traditional in-cab operation. Nearly every machine feature controlled within the cab can be managed with the Operator Console.

Numerous safety control features are in place for machine and system shut-down in the event of an emergency. For example, if the Operator Console is tipped or part of the system loses power, the entire system will shut-down.

Command for dozing is currently available for Cat® D10T and D11T Track-Type Tractors.