Terrain for draglines (formerly AQUILA Dragline System) provides a comprehensive production monitoring module with real-time information on all dragline activities - right down to individual bucket loads and dump locations. Machine performance, productivity and payload are monitored and organized in reports to optimize dragline output and minimize operating costs.

Integrated office software combines functions for drilling, dragline, grading and loading operations, providing valuable productivity tools that allow users to create reports on utilization, materials and volumes.

Timely Data Delivers Solid Value

Operator Efficiency - An in-cab display shows the position of bucket and tub relative to the design plan. It also shows whether each dig point is above or below plan, helping operators move material more accurately and efficiently. Design plans can be easily updated, so operators always have the most current plan in front of them, which helps reduce rework, increase production and cut operational costs.

Machine Health - Terrain monitors, displays, and logs a wide range of operating parameters. In addition, the system provides timely machine health information that can help operators identify potential problems (for example: tilt due to an unstable pad) and prevent catastrophic failures. Machine health data helps supervisors identify opportunities for additional operator training and actively manage asset life.

Production Monitoring - Along with monitoring machine health data, Terrain transmits and stores production information from each machine, as well. The data can be used to generate reports on machine performance, overall production, machine utilization, and operator effectiveness. Using objective data to react to changes in the environment helps your people understand the impact variations in operating practices and other factors have on total dragline production.