Fleet enhances the management of all types of equipment operations, across one mine site or multiple sites. It also allows you to easily drill down for more detailed views and analysis, from reporting on selectable groups of assets down to individual machines.

With the capability to run scenarios that help determine the impact of operational changes prior to implementing them, Fleet makes it easy to keep your operation running safely and at peak performance, with real-time control.

Fleet can work with data from all types of assets and equipment—including off-highway trucks, wheel loaders, motor graders, wheel dozers, shovels, light duty vehicles and equipment from other manufacturers—helping you reduce costs per ton, enhance productivity and boost overall site profitability.

Fleet Capability Packages

  • Production - Provides real-time visibility of loading performance, delivers improved shovel loading performance and increases payload predictability.
  • Position & Material - Monitors material movement and type, alerts operators and planners of misroutes to ensure material is moved to the proper location. Also monitors machine location for the entire fleet and incorporates playback function to analyze dump movement and haul road congestion.
  • Assignment & Optimization - Schedules and assigns trucks, maximizes production and shovel utilization, minimizes truck wait time and manages shift changes.
  • Data Share - Enables Fleet to share data and information with other electronic mine management systems.
  • Multi-Site - Enables management of multiple Fleet-equipped mine sites from a single control center.